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  • Mallan Whiskey Glasses

    Sold as a Pair

    Unique gift for Corporate clients, Father, Uncle, Brother or whisky Connoisseur.


    Form and Construction

    The Mallan Whisky Glass is a transparent double walled vessel, formed with glass blowing technique into two separate two-part molds: one for the inner wall, and one for the outer wall. When the inner and outer glass walls are prepared, the rims are reheated and the inner glass is inserted, at which time the rims are sealed. This creates a hollow body glass with dramatically different inside shape to outside shape.



    Material: Mouthblown double-walled borosilicate glass

    Dimensions: 3.74" tall, 3.22" diameter, 2.48" diameter at rim

    Total capacity approx. 6.9 fl. oz. Recommended pour 0.75-1.5 fl. oz.

    Weight: 4.4 oz (that's very light)

    Packaged in an elegant tube 

    Designed by Sruli Recht


    Please hand wash only.

    Levi & London Mallan Whisky Glasses