• Fornasetti Architecture Candle


    I am a great fan of the Fornasetti design, this black and white vessel is in the style of the Fornasetti Architecture Series and is my ultimate treat! When the candle is finished you are left with a stunning Fornasetti styled ceramic jar which will look good in home or office. 


    Each candle is hand poured meticulously in small batches in my Kingston studio. Luxewiks massage lotion candles are non-toxic, vegan, using the purist, all natural 100% eco plant-based waxes including coconut oil. Using cotton and Japanese wood wicks along with hypnotic organic fine essential oils and aroma fragrance oils. You will receive a signature scent from our top 10 range.


    Other fragrances are available from our Hypnotic Fragrance Collection. Please email your request to Luxewiks@outlook.com.


    Refillable instore 



    Capacity: 300ml




    Fornasetti Architecture Candle