Luxewiks Candles is a luxury bespoke brand.... everything looks better by candlelight


Elaborated in partnership with renowned perfumers. All Luxewiks fragrances are developed with the utmost care and patience.

LUXEWIKS uses organic essential oils and hypnotic aroma fragrance oils.

These essential oils are gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal

extract composition and efficacy.

Primary Collection



Luxewiks Top Selling #1 Fragrance

Composed by an internationally renowned perfumer, Empress has become and is, Luxewiks top  selling signature scent. It is available in reed diffusers , spa bombs, spa teas, candles and roll-on fragrance oils


Head Note: plums, sun ripened figs

Heart Note: apricot apple blossom

Base Note: juicy berries


Medusa Rose


Oriental, woody and floral, black rose and oud is a complex blend of rare dark resinous heartwood and oud wood, which originates from South East Asia and is widely sought after by perfumers across the world from the most renowned fragrance houses.


Head Note: rose geranium, saffron, pepper

Heart Note: rose, clove leaf bud, cinnamon bark, palmarosa

Base Note: oud wood


Delicious fruity fragrance with strong notes of raspberry, red currents toned down with sandalwood and coconut husk.


Head Note: frosted raspberry, cara cara orange

Heart Note: red current, wild sage

Base Note: indian sandalwood, coconut husk, patchouli

Strawberries & Cream


Luscious ripe strawberries blended with cool fresh cream for a delightfully sweet and fruity experience.


Head Note: sparkling aldehydes

Heart Note: freshly picked strawberries, jasmine

Base Note: vanilla, cream




A citrus based scent fragrance – pack your bags lets go and party in Positano!


Head Note: bergamot, coconut orange blossom, roasted marshmallows

Heart Note: roasted marshmallows

Base Note: white pine, smoked sandalwood




Magical and mystical, a perfect blend of Egyptian spices and musk.


Head Note: aromatics, fresh herbs, warm spice

Heart Note: jasmine, oak moss

Base Note: ebony woods, tonka


Bird of Paradise


A calming tropical blend of sweet strawberries, pomegranate, sweet vanilla and coconut milk with undertones of rose petals and jasmine.


Head Note: strawberries, pomegranate

Heart Note: sweet vanilla, coconut milk

Base Note: jasmine, rose petals


Cashmere - French Pear


Delicate French pear and Red pear combined with lush pear leaves and a touch of peach nectar.


Head Note: lemon zest, orange, cinnamon

Heart Note: fresh pear, harvested apple and clove

Base Note: creamy vanilla


Bora Bora - Coconut Lime


A luscious blend of juicy fruits such as lemon and lime laying over a delicate heart of creamy coconut and fresh florals.


Head Note: lime, lemon

Heart Note: creamy coconut, fresh florals

Base Note: creamy vanilla




This masculine interpretation with classic notes of tobacco leaf sweetened with caramel and candied citrus, stirs memories of leather chairs, liqueurs and cigars that will transport you to a dark and moody jazz club.


Head Note: tobacco leaf, caramel

Heart Note: aniseed, cinnamon,

Base Note: sandalwood, amber, cedar, oak moss


Grand Duke


A robust scent that you can pick out the individual notes of lime, cloves and pepper and softness of white cedar.


Head Note: lime, coconut milk, tonka

Heart Note: white pepper, clove bud

Base Note: white cedar, charcoal, sandalwood, vanilla bean


 Forest Nymph


A unique blend of balsam fir base notes combined with woody notes of sandalwood and cedar wood and citrus top notes of mandarin, grapefruit and a hint of cranberry.


Head Note: balsam fir, mandarin

Heart Note: cranberry, grapefruit

Base Note: cedar wood, sandalwood




A sweet oriental fragrance with a combination of precious woods, spices, musk and vanilla.


Head Note: spicy element of close and frankincense

Heart Note: cinnamon, ginger

Base Note: myrrh


Lime, Basil & Mandarin


A classic and timeless fragrance always popular – citrus and zesty.


Head Note: lime zest, mandarin

Heart Note: basil leaf, thyme

Base Note: jasmine, cyclamen


Salted Caramel


Arguably, the best salted caramel fragrance in the world! This fragrance is to die for! Gorgeous sweet crème caramel and coconut.


Head Note: pistachio, raspberry

Heart Note: sea salt, caramel

Base Note: vanilla, coconut




A masculine seductive aftershave type fragrance of cedar wood, coupled with warm leather, which will send your senses into overdrive.


Head Note: mandarin, green apple, lime

Heart Note: tobacco, rosewood

Base Note: cedar wood, leather, light musk




A place famed for its glamour and wealth overlooking the pristine blue waters of the Mediterranean with a glass of bubbles. A refreshing ozonic fragrance of lime, pineapple and melon.


Head Note: pineapple, lime, melon

Heart Note: cinnamon, sheer white florals

Base Note: cucumber




A fresh citrus scent of lemongrass combined with zesty lime and lemon peel.


Head Note: lemongrass, orange blossom

Heart Note: ginger, eucalyptus

Base Note: green tea, lime


Rolls Royce 


Sophisticated fresh fragrance with zingy top notes of orange peel, smell absolutely gorgeous when burning in a candle.


Head Note: peach, orange peel, apple slices

Heart Note: velvet jasmine, caramel, magnolia petals

Base Note: creamy sandalwood, smooth amber, crushed vanilla bean


New York 


A bold and uplifting scent! This delicate aroma of black tea is complemented by the sweet, tart contrast of the exotic lychee fruit.


Head Note: mandarin, orange, zesty grapefruit

Heart Note: green tea, black tea, lychee

Base Note: geranium, cedar leaf


Moroccan Mint


Capturing the exotic scents of the Moroccan Bazaar’s, this wonderful fresh fruity fragrance of spearmint and mint is a perfect accompaniment for a summer evening.


Head Note: spearmint, mint

Heart Note: cinnamon, green leaf

Base Note: raspberry, vanilla, cedar


Caramel & Vanilla


Lashings of vanilla crème, almond and creamy coconut and caramel.


Head Note: vanilla,

Heart Note: luscious caramel butter

Base Note: vanilla, coconut


Oak Moss


Just like wandering into a misty forest this is an earthy, exotic complex scent.


Head Note: pear, orange zest

Heart Note: neroli, geranium, raspberry, cinnamon leaf

Base Note: tonka bean mossy cedar 


Grapefruit & Lime


A delightful burst of persian lime grapefruit and sweet mango. Notes of black current, reminiscent of a warm tropical Caribbean night.


Head Note: persian lime

Heart Note: grapefruit, sweet mango

Base Note: clove, black current




A sweet fresh fragrance that blends citrus and florals beautifully.


Head Note: crisp cucumber, lime, honeydew, green apple

Heart Note: tropical hibiscus, linden blossom, thyme

Base Note: tonka, driftwood

Limited Edition



Fragrant rose petals, lush greens, freshly picked lychees and a splash of ambered honey over white cedar and warm musk.


Head Note: green berry, lychee

Heart Note: lychee rose honey

Base Note: rose wood



Dried tobacco leaves and rich leather laced with sandalwood, a hint of spiced plum and whispers of dark wood smoke.


Head Note: bergamot, lemon zest

Heart Note: tobacco leaves, spiced plum

Base Note: black sandalwood, leather and smoke


Midnight Woods


Crushed pepperwood, warm birch and herbaceous greens blended with spiced citrus fruit and soft florals amid rich mahogany and sensual teak above undertones of musk.


Head Note: citrus green floral

Heart Note: mahogany teakwood, pepper

Base Note: wood, musk, moss



Tart red current, grapefruit zest, piquant pomelo over sweet lychee accented with elements of citrus blossom, white must and lemon wood.


Head Note: current, grapefruit

Heart Note: citrus blossom, lychee

Base Note: fruit, florals


Satsuma Berry


Bright, juicy satsuma, sweet tangerine and candied orange zest burst over tart cranberry, juicy red current and a hint of huckleberry.


Head Note: citrus, orange, mandarin

Heart Note: orange, cranberry, currant

Base Note: huckleberry, crushed berries

Roasted Coffee and Chocolaite


Dark, roasted coffee bean fragrance with a touch of chocolaite. Arguably the closest scent to a real coffee aroma.


Head Note: bright coffee berry

Heart Note: ground fresh espresso

Base Note: espresso, chocolate


Moroccan Spice


Fragrant clove bud blended with fresh ground cinnamon and ginger, blended with aromatic allspice.


Head Note: ginger

Heart Note: cinnamon, clove

Base Note: allspice, clove, vanilla

Christmas Collection


Spiced Eggnog


A classic Christmas eggnog fragrance dusted with allspice, nutmeg and a touch of cinnamon

and bourbon.


Head Note: creamy coconut, dark rum

Heart Note: cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon

Base Note: caramelised sugar, tonka


Bonfire Glow


Sweetness of sugar and marshmallows over a crackling fire with a hint of pine and cedar.


Head Note: bergamot, coconut orange blossom, roasted marshmallows

Heart Note: roasted marshmallows

Base Note: white pine, smoked sandalwood

Evening Snow


Delicious fruity fragrance with strong notes of raspberry, red currents toned down with sandalwood and coconut husk.


Head Note: frosted raspberry, cara cara orange

Heart Note: red current, wild sage

Base Note: indian sandalwood, coconut husk, patchouli


White Christmas


This quintessentially Christmas fragrance exudes a stunning palate blend of spices and certainly packs a punch.


Head Note: white ginger, tangerine,

Heart Note: clove bud, cinnamon leaf

Base Note: vanilla bean, nutmeg, tonka


Cinnamon and Vanilla


A classic French vanilla with a hint of cinnamon.


Head Note: creamy french vanilla,

Heart Note: hazelnut

Base Note: ground cinnamon